Massive Changes Humanities Festival

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festivalMassive Changes Humanities Festival
Since his triumphant MCA exhibition Massive Change, Bruce Mau has continued to push the boundaries of design.  Through partnerships, immersive workshops and publications, Massive Change Network helps people design the world they want to live in. He is the author and designer of several award-winning books, including Massive Change; Life Style; and S, M, L, XL (in collaboration with Rem Koolhaas), as well as the widely shared Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.These 9 ideas below are the achievements of architects` challenge with genius concepts to creates comfy space in your lovely residence.  Michael has interviewed countless designers on his live talk show The Show `N Tell Show, and speaks on the subject of design inspiration around the world. The design combines the flexibility of the design plan with clever bespoke and blue cabinets changes the Kitchen into a comfortable, inviting home. KDW Home/Kitchen Designworks says kitchen desing with black pendants influenced this Living Room Traditional design.Wedding fashion 2015 - it`s a tender, feminine and concise dresses with a combination of very interesting decorations and elements.  The design idea Transitional Dining Room on the left was a project located in United States. I am a giant fan of Living Room minimalist areas, particularly kitchen desing with accent chairs and area rugs. I`m a big fan of Kitchen minimalist spaces, especially kitchen desing with ceiling lighting and chandelier. This compelling Kitchen design plan was a challenge dealt by Incorporated , in Los Angeles. The concepts of kitchen desing carried out within the Modern Kitchen was unimaginable ideas.The requirements of the existing markets demand more products and services, more customized, more innovative and, above all, in a shorter period of time.  Collection Crystal Design 2015 - it`s the newest trends, décor techniques, and lots of handmade elements, everything what the bride could wish. In their new collection the designers of Crystal Design chose for their clients different silhouettes made of royal atlas, tulle, eurotulle, chiffon, Chantilly lace, Cordova lace, crepe and guipure, decorated with handmade flowers, appliqués, bead belts and added with capes, boleros, unbelievable lines on backs and royal trains. For example the Crystal Design 2015 Alezia dress is made of cloth of two colors - cappuccino corset with a tender Chantilly lace and a skirt of milky chiffon.The new Flap LED wall lamp, designed by Arkoslight`s Head of Design, Rubén Saldaña, has been awarded with the Design Plus Award 2016, jointly organised by the Light+Building fair and the German Design Council. The Crystal Design 2015 Floria dress also includes a cappuccino corset and a skirt of a milky crepe cloth. The collection of Crystal Design 2015 - it`s a romantic fantasy which became a reality. The care and love of Crystal Design brand to its clients proves the fact that almost every gown contains handmade elements, incredibly interesting tailoring and unique decors. The sophisticated virtual reality tools, design for Six Sigma, PPDIC or others applied to the design process, have proven not to be sufficient to slash the innovation process deadlines nor to incorporate Lean manufacturing criteria from the design itself.
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